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EF#13 – Simple Sport Is Run

Besides cycling, I love running too. Why? because running can be done even without the participation of others. We can run anywhere and anytime, without the need to gather a few people first, then the sport can be played, such as Futsal, football or basketball.

Besides, the run is also safer from injury. As long as we get used to warm up before a run. Many things we can do while running, such as memorizing or dhikr.

Cool jogging track I have ever used, including:
1. Field Police Headquarters, Blok-M – Shouth Jakarta. (video :
2. Persada Executive Club Jogging Track, Halim – East Jakarta.
3. Sabuga, Bandung.
4. Brigif, Cimahi.

I prefer to run in the morning, unless there busyness morning, so I replaced it with a run in the afternoon. When running, I prefer a quiet track, because more solemn 😀 and to prevent #gagalfokus (hastag trend in Indonesia, which means wrong focus). Intention to run, instead look weird. Therefore, I often avoid a run on Sundays in certain places, sort of in Senayan, Jakarta or in Brigif, Cimahi. Because on that day, the place was transformed into a public market, which is filled with a variety of snacks and a variety of commodities.

Although Himself could be done, but together more fun. Let’s run 😀

[EF#12] Bike To Work

Cycling is faster than driving a car, that’s what I experienced in Jakarta today. For friends who are stuck in traffic while in the car, you should fill the time with dhikr or reading, do not fill the time with aspersion.

My trip, just 2.1 KM

Destined to work in Jakarta is an extraordinary gift and we should be grateful. The distance my trip to work, Alhamdulillah not too far away. Only 2.1 KM. Before the increase in fuel at november 2014, I use metromini 69 from Blok M to The JL.Rambai III Kebayoran Baru, the price of 3,000 IDR, for one trip.

After the increase in the cost to 4,000 IDR, round trip the cost 8,000 IDR. I decided to buy a second hand bicycle with a price 350,000 IDR. Because only the 10 weeks, we’ve reached break-even point (BEP).

Some of the benefits obtained from the bike:

1. Good for health

2. Do not get stuck Jam

3. Shorten Time

4. Save money

5. Environmentally friendly

6. Creating the feeling of being happy

7. Feel the hospitality of other cyclists when we met on the road, because we smiled at each other and exchanged greetings when we met.

thisi is my trip when I bike to work :

EF#11 OOTD : Awesome Label :D


my face at that time out of control (sundanesse language, teu kobe ; kontrol beungeut). so i add black color in my face, i use basic program in windows xp, accesories > paint. 😀

green shirt was already preparing to cycle to work, but because there is a challenge, so I immediately put on a shirt that will be discussed on this challenge.

back view

                                                              back view

I bought this dress in the plaza parhyangan, badung. the price is 110 idr. size L. its brand is Ironclad.

ironclad handwriting.

ironclad handwriting. Sorry, i don’t know how to rotate this image in

2015-03-17 07.30.58

                                 size L and that is logo of ironclad

one impressive thing of this dress is the clothing label. there are cool words. words touched our hearts. especially the men.

2015-03-17 07.32.00
words are:
“Make your Mom Proud Dude! Wash it by your self .It‘s your tees, so better be.”

may the almighty repay this shirt manufacturers with better, which reminds us to filial. hopefully the products they sold and appreciated by the public.